Norwegian doctors announce the strike


Following disagreements about working hours, the Norwegian Medical Association announced the strike. At the moment, 23 doctors around Norway will go on strike from Monday, October 26, but there is a chance more doctors could follow.

Because of the situation with coronavirus, this strike threatening to collapse medical service in the country.

What we know

  • 23 doctors will start with the strike in five cities: Trondheim, Tromsø, Bergen, Stavanger and Narvik
  • The strike will begin on Monday, October 26. Time is not confirmed
  • There is a chance the more doctors will participate 
  • Patients around Norway support the Norwegian Medical Association actions, and there is a possibility they will join the strike in solidarity
  • The Medical Association has demanded that doctors must give consent to work more than seven hours of emergency care per week, in addition to the regular working week 

What to expect

  • We are expectation peaceful protest
  • Because of the COVID-19 disease, all government measures must be followed
  • More Norwegians will join protest to show solidarity


Check ADVISORY, for safety information!

Safety Advisory - Protest

If you are in the area of the incident, our travel advice and updates give you practical tips and useful information.

Some protests have resulted in violence and/or looting. Even protests which are intended to be peaceful can become violent.


What can go wrong

  • Violence
  • Threatening
  • Noise can make communication difficult
  • Communication can fail
  • Group of people can be there because of the wrong reasons
  • Police can use force
  • Police can you the pepper spray
  • Group of people who do not think the same as you and other protesters can attack you

How to stay safe

  • If you hear that a demonstration is taking place, avoid the area or stay in your accommodation until you are sure that it is safe to go out
  • Establish where the demonstration has taken place, and if possible avoid the area
  • If you come across a demonstration, don't become inquisitive, just leave the area and find another route to your intended destination
  • Do not run
  • Be calm and focused: when things get most intense, react to danger or warning signs
  • Know your rights
  • Avoid direct police contact

Interacting with the police

  • If you are stopped by police, be calm and cooperate. They are not enemies
  • In case you are arrested, do not argue with the police. Know your right, and ask for a lawyer immediately
  • If your friend or family members is in the clash with police do not confront them. Try to be calm, and ask them to move back from the police. Be the voice of reason
  • If you need emergency assistance, calmly approach to police and ask them for help

RespondEU Advice

  • If you are attending to protest write down emergency numbers.
  • Always inform your friends or family members that you are going to protest
  • If protest escalates, immediately find safe space.
  • Remember, it's not about you. Maybe you are angry, but the act of violence is not an answer
  • For your safety, always be accompanied by minimum one person
  • Be aware that undercover police may be in the crowd
  • Do not put yourself in danger. Your words need to be heard, but your safety is priority
  • Protect your mobile phone privacy