Signal light festival 2020


Event Description

Signal is a festival of digital and creative culture. It links contemporary visual art, urban space and modern technologies. It has become the most visited cultural event in Czechia. The programme is created by renowned foreign and Czech artists in the area of light design, visual and digital art, AI and conceptual art. It links the historical backdrop of beloved Prague with state-of-the-art technologies and contemporary social issues.

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Please see the official statement:

We believed. Until the last moment. We believed that we would be able to make it and Signal Festival would take place this year. Unfortunately, we reached the moment when this is no longer possible…

We negotiated with Health Minister Roman Prymula, who told us that we will not be able to realize the festival this year. Not in the way you know it.

Until the last moment, we believed and hoped. The whole team was incessantly adapting to the new measures and each of our steps was consulted with epidemiologists. We wanted to do everything for the festival to run smoothly and for us all to remain safe. Health has always been the top priority for us. And as we said earlier, we do not want to take unnecessary risks.




Signal Light Festival will be held 15 to 18 Oct 2020 in Prague, Czech Republic. The festival will offer the best in this dynamic artistic field and introduce the city of Prague as a place for life and art, place friendly to its residents and visitors. A magical space, where long and dramatic history intertwined with its dynamic present.

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Crime and Safety

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Prague 4, 11, & 12 (adults) - (+420) 241 733 917

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Prague 8, Bulovka Hospital, Budínova 2  +420 266 082 017

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Dental Clinic (Zubní), Prague 1, Palackého 5  +420 224 946 981

Dental Clinic (Zubní), Prague 4, Pacovská 31  +420 241 733 918

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