Extinction Rebellion protest – Edinburgh, Scotland


Where: Edinburgh, Scotland – Outside the Scottish Parliament building
When: Saturday 17th October at 11 am


What we know

  • Extinction Rebellion protesters are to gather outside the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh 
  • The protest is against Shell and Exxon's "environmental crimes."
  • Residents have been complaining about flares, smell and air pollution for years, without anyone recognising the injustices done to their community

Area to avoid

  • Canongate road
  • Horse Wynd
  • Holyrood Rd
  • Holyrood Gait
  • Abbeyhill Cres

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Some protests have resulted in violence and/or looting. Even protests which are intended to be peaceful can become violent.

How to stay safe:

  • If you hear that a demonstration is taking place, avoid the area or stay in your accommodation until you are sure that it is safe to go out
  • Establish where the demonstration has taken place, and if possible avoid the area
  • If you come across a demonstration, don't become inquisitive, just leave the area and find another route to your intended destination
  • Don’t run
  • Be calm and focused: when things get most intense, react to danger or warning signs
  • Know your rights

For your safety, please avoid Canongate road, Horse Wynd, Holyrood Rd, Holyrood Gait, Abbeyhill Cres.