One-Hour Covid19 Test is the future of Travel?


Passengers flying from London Heathrow to Hong Kong and Italy will be able to have a rapid Covid-19 test at the airport before checking in from Tuesday. Heathrow Airport plans to open up international travel, and £80 test is the first step to accomplish that.

What we know

  • The test will cost £80
  • The result of the test is guaranteed within an hour
  • Collinson Group and Swissport launch the UK’s first pre-departure airport rapid testing facility at Heathrow Terminals 2 and 5
  • Leading global airlines British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Cathay Pacific will be the first users, offering the testing to passengers
  • Developments in international testing are fast-moving and the Heathrow-based rapid testing sites have the potential to facilitate a wide range of testing methods either pre-departure or on arrival
  • Passengers interested in using the facility will need to set up an account and book their test online, before beginning their journey to the airport


At the moment future of travel is insecure. Months and months of fighting with coronavirus disease is in front of us. As long as the 14-day quarantine remains in place, travel demand will not return. But, the testing facilities established at Heathrow Airport are the first stop for safe travel.